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A pretty, stone-built cottage, sitting on the banks of a river, amidst a quaint English village. Veronica; Madison and Felicity - three beautiful women. All try to live there. None of them stay......

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A Beginner's Guide to Nipple Clamps

Although nipple clamps might seem pretty self-explanatory (nipples: meet clamps, etc.), to get the most pleasurable experience with them, you've gotta know your stuff.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Amazon Sex Position

Some sex positions, like cowgirl or doggy-style, are pretty self-explanatory. Others, like the Amazon, much less so. Truly, I have no idea who came up with the name, but if I were to venture a guess, it’s because...

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Introduction to Anal Play and Anal Sex

Have you ever wanted to experiment with anal play, but you’ve been too nervous or shy? Maybe you want to try because your partner wants you to. First of all, never let someone pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do. However, if you have ever

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Have Mind Blowing Orgasms With Clitoral Stimulation

Female orgasms are often considered to be elusive and impossible to achieve. But for those with clits, clitoral stimulation is one of the easiest ways to bring your partner to climax, over and over again.

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5 Tips for a Great Friends with Benefits Relationship

Having a dedicated friend with benefits is almost a rite of passage for every slutty girl. A friend with benefits is different than a booty call! Booty calls are guys you barely know beyond sex

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How Masturbation Enhances Your Romantic Relationship

Masturbating doesn’t have to be something you give up when you are in a committed romantic relationship. It can be a great way to relax and give yourself pleasure, but can also be a turn-on for your partner.

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What to Do When You Have a Higher Sex Drive Than Your Partner

It can be very frustrating when you have a higher sex drive than your partner does. While you think you may be the only person to ever experience this, it’s actually quite common. Most relationships at least go through phases...

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BDSM Do’s and Don’ts

Experimenting with sex keeps you entertained, fascinated, and gives you a thrill as nothing else can. Whether it’s your first time or your 15,478th time dabbling in the world of Bondage Discipline Sadism and Masochism (or for shorter terms: BDSM),

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Circumcised and Uncircumcised Penises: Unhooding the Issue

Let’s be real – there’s a dick stigma. And you know the issue I’m talking about: circumcised versus uncircumcised penises. People are talking about foreskin as if it’s something to avoid like the plague.

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